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5 Tips to Help Prevent Trucking Accidents

With speeds up to 70 miles-per-hour on an interstate highway, a collision can happen in a split second. Any type of impact can be life changing, but when tractor-trailers are involved, the results are usually far more devastating.

Trucking accidents can cause life-changing injuries such as


Trucking accidents can occur for a number of reasons, but it is vital to remember that there are many types drivers on the road today and the most important thing you can do is to learn to be a safe one.

Statistics Blame Automobile Drivers

According to a recent article in The Trinidad Times, there were 50 fatalities and 138 injuries as a result of truck and car collisions in Colorado during 2010. However, according to state records, the drivers of the cars caused 56 percent of those collisions. Additionally, AAA statistics report that automobile drivers caused 80 percent of fatal accidents involving cars and trucks.

What You Can Do

What can you do to make the road a safer place? Some rules of the road: Continue reading

Multi-truck Crash Results in Death, Damage and Expense for the State of Florida

According to a report in the online publication, Daytona Beach News-Journal, from Thursday, December 30 to Friday, December 31, 2011, Interstate 95 in Port Orange, Florida was closed for roughly 21 hours. A four-vehicle accident, which claimed the life of one driver and injured five others, was the cause of the shutdown of the state’s major highway. Because of the crash, methyl bromide, a toxic chemical, was released into the air and residents in nearby neighborhoods and surrounding areas were warned of potentially hazardous fumes.

Logger Loses Control

Logger Loses Control

The driver of a logging truck lost control of his vehicle and overturned, subsequently releasing his load of logs onto the highway and starting a chain reaction. A 16-year-old female driver smashed her vehicle into the logs head-on, and a rig carrying two trailers of methyl bromide hit the logging truck. The driver of the rig died in the crash.

After the collision, the chemical-carrying trailers burst into flames, catching the logging truck on fire in the process. Some of the canisters hauled on the trailers ruptured with such loud force that residents reported hearing the explosion from miles away. Because of the explosion, methyl bromide, an extremely hazardous toxic chemical that poses significant, and sometimes fatal, health problems, was released. Continue reading

Trucker Speeding Leads to Environmental Damage

While tanker trucks that supply oil and other types of fuel are vital parts of our economy, many of these vehicles are driven carelessly, causing thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars in damage when they are involved in accidents. Homeowners, local businesses and other residents may be severely affected when a tanker truck overturns or leaks its contents. Luckily, those whose lives are changed as the result of truckers speeding may be entitled to seek compensation.

Truckers Cause Environmental Hazards

Truckers Cause Environmental Hazards

Last month in Gateway, Colorado, local news reported on crews racing against time to clean up and contain a significant oil spill. A trucker, said to have been transporting roughly 10,000 gallons of crude oil, crashed north of the town. Officials said that the driver was speeding when he attempting to drive around a corner and lost control. The driver suffered minor injuries because of the accident and was admitted to a local hospital for care.

There was little time to react as crews scrambled to contain the spill. After viewing the accident, workers reported that 3,500 gallons had been spilled. A nearby creek was at risk, and seeping oil ran less than 100 yards from the water. Crews made an effort to contain the material by blocking the stream. Continue reading

Mystery Surrounds Cause of Semi-Truck Crash Involving Train

Earlier this summer a semi-truck driver crashed into the side of an Amtrak train outside Reno, Nevada, killing six people and injuring dozens more. Investigators on the scene said the driver tried to stop but because he was killed in the accident, the cause is still a mystery.

How Could This Happen?

Semi-Truck Crash Involving Train

At the time of the accident, reports indicate that the weather was good and visibility should not have been a problem. Guardrails came down to block the train tracks from the highway and the warning lights were flashing, as they should have been. Skid marks from the truck measure the length of a football field. Investigations into the driver indicate a history of moving violations and issues related to vehicle registrations, but nothing indicating drug or alcohol abuse. Two other trucks following him on the highway both managed to stop without incident.

National Railway Safety

In 2010, 737 people were killed as a result of accidents with trains, according to the Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Safety Analysis. Thousands more were injured. Despite the many advancements in train safety and addition of guardrails and flashing lights at intersections to alert drivers, accidents still happen. Some intersections of railroad and highway have little more than a stop sign and a warning that there is a railroad.

Who To Blame?

While the cause of the Nevada accident is still being investigated, these accidents do not have to happen. Continue reading

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