Military Families Face Health Threat in U.S.

For many, mold is no big deal. It’s ugly and smells bad, but isn’t really a problem. But for others who are sensitive to mold, exposure can be serious and potentially life threatening. We don’t get to choose how our bodies respond to mold, but we should have full control over our living conditions and whether mold is present. For military families that are at the mercy of military housing, it’s not that easy.

Mold in Military Housing

Mold in Military Housing

In Virginia, military housing communities are suffering under a system that doesn’t really seem to care if they have problems with mold. The Navy runs a joint venture with Lincoln Military Housing (LMH), a company that owns and operates homes built exclusively for military families. Rather than acknowledging the mold problem and taking greater steps to make sure families find relief, it looks like the company has focused its finances on damage control through public relations.

The name of LMH’s damage control website, “LMH Cares,” is almost laughable. “Caring” is not the first word that comes to mind when describing the way the site handles renters’ complaints about mold. The LMH site:

  • Downplays the mold problem
  • Positions itself outside of the laws overseeing government contractors
  • Portrays military families indifferently

Let’s look at how much “LMH cares” by reviewing some of its statements about the problem on their website and how they should be handling the issue:

  • LMH’s Statement: “The term ‘toxic’ mold is a creation of the media, not doctors or industrial hygienists.”
The Truth: Rather than arguing over the validity of the “toxic mold” question, LMH should acknowledge to concerns of residents and commit to resolving any potential health concerns over toxic mold.
  • LMH’s Statement: “If customers are not satisfied with their homes, services, or other amenities provided by LMH, it would result in low customer satisfaction and low occupancy. Neither of these is the case.”
The Truth: The money given to military families to pay for housing is not variable. They only have so much to put towards housing and obviously will choose the most affordable option: facilities run by LMH. When families need to choose between putting food on the table and living with mold, many are stuck living with mold.
  • LMH’s Statement: “LMH has investigated these claims of intimidation and lying and did not discover any proof of this type of conduct.”
The Truth: This misleading statement is surely upsetting to anyone who experienced this type of behavior from LMH employees. How can anyone prove a word of mouth conversation after the fact? Perhaps they did not uncover proof, but they must have uncovered evidence in the form of statements from residents. There are simply too many complaints for that not to be the case.


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