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Top 10 Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuits

Traumatic brain injury, commonly referred to as “TBI,” is a catastrophic injury that occurs when a blow to the head or a penetrating head injury disrupts the normal function of the brain. TBI can be caused by everything from a car crash to a slip-and-fall accident. This type of injury can range from mild concussions to moderate or severe TBI, which can result in permanent brain damage or even death. In many instances, a traumatic brain injury lawsuit may be needed to help the victim recover their losses.

While there are individuals who will quickly and fully recover from their injuries, others will face lifelong changes and challenges. These traumatic injuries can affect cognitive function, motor function, sensation, and behavior. This can create difficulty doing everything from household tasks to being able to work, requiring surgeries, therapies, and around-the-clock care. 

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Visual Midline Shift Syndrome Attorneys

Visual Midline Shift Syndrome (VMSS) is a serious medical condition where a person experiences a sensory and visual shift in the concept of their bodily midline. When this happens, it causes the person to think their center of balance is shifted too far over in one direction, leading them to lean toward the shifted side. This is often caused by instances of traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, or other incidents.

VMSS is also called Visual Perceptual Midline Shift Syndrome or Abnormal Egocentric Localization. It can cause problems with balance, center of gravity, walking, and performing simple tasks. As you can imagine, this can lead to a drastic change in the patient’s lifestyle and may cause them to lose the ability to work.


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Virginia Motorcycle Helmet Laws: Created for Your Protection

Many of the most serious injury cases involve motorcycle accidents. Due to the high-speed capabilities, and minimal shielding of motorcycles, a crash can cause traumatic brain injury, spinal damage, and other severe injuries. Yet, many of these injuries can be prevented by following basic motorcycle riding safety practices like wearing helmets. For this reason, Virginia motorcycle helmet laws were put into place for the safety and protection of riders. 


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What is Hypoxia? Causes and Dangers

The human brain is a marvelous instrument capable of astounding feats. However, it is also a highly sensitive organ that can be damaged through many different causes. Aside from more commonly-known types of brain injuries, such as concussions or traumatic brain injury (TBI), a lack of oxygen can lead to serious and even permanent brain damage. In medical parlance, this condition is referred to as “hypoxia,” also known as oxygen deprivation. 

Hypoxia is a dangerous condition that can happen to any person and is associated with many different causes and dangers.


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Do Seizures Cause Brain Damage? How Seizures, Epilepsy, and Brain Injuries Interact

A common question for many is, “Do seizures cause brain damage?” For people who have experienced a seizure, this question can weigh heavily on their minds. You may have heard about a general connection between terms like seizures, epilepsy, and brain injury, but you might not understand how they all fit together. 

If you or a loved one have suffered a seizure, brain injury, or both, it’s essential to understand some basic information about what these are, what causes them, and how they interact. Knowing how these connect can have significant impacts on your ability to obtain a legal damages award.


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How Concussion Recovery Time Affects a Settlement

Concussion recovery times are unique to each person. While some people only need a few days to get over mild symptoms, others suffer from brain damage so severe that they never fully recover. In either case, you can still receive compensation for related damages. If you are suffering from a concussion or any other type of traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another party, the attorneys at the Brain Injury Law Center can help you receive the compensation you need for recovery. (more…)

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3 Facts About Brain Activity During Coma

When a loved one is dealing with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and a resulting coma, it can be challenging for everyone involved. Family members will need to consider which medical options to explore and what a recovery will look like. A deep coma patient may require lifetime hospital care, while a patient in a vegetative state may be released to the family for home care. In circumstances where negligence contributed to the injury, the decision to file a lawsuit may further increase questions. Learning about brain function and understanding brain activity can help you advocate for both a patient’s health and legal rights. (more…)

Smith Resolves Civil Case Against Former NFL Player Convicted of Beating Girlfriend

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After years of delay due to the criminal case being pushed back several times, attorney Stephen Smith obtained a settlement for the victim of a brutal domestic violence case that put a local doctor out of her career.

Violent Attack Compounds Victim’s TBI

It started when our client, retired orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jaime Dale, had an argument in the early morning hours of New Year’s day, 2015Dale’s boyfriend, former NFL safety Curtis Jordan, accused her of flirting with another man earlier that evening and proceeded to berate her. Dale reacted in fear, slapping Mr. Jordan in the face.

The next few moments involved a “horrific” beating suffered by the local surgeon. The 6’2”, nearly 200-pound Jordan tackled Dale, slamming her head to the ground and beating her skull into the floor. When she attempted to flee, he tripped her and she fell to the ground, again hitting her head.  (more…)

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Support Brain Injury Survivors: Learn About the Invisible Disability

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Did you know that March is Brain Injury Awareness Month? The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has been promoting public awareness of this issue for over 30 years. The goals of their yearly campaign are to empower brain injury survivors and their caregivers, provide outreach within the brain injury community to destigmatize traumatic brain injuries, and promote the support types available to people living with this condition. Imagine trying to function without your body’s central processing unit. How would you get through your day without access to your memories, speech, emotions, or physical motor and basic body functions? (more…)

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Traumatic Injury Brain Settlements

Attorneys Stephen M. Smith and David B. Holt of The Brain Injury Law Center partnered with The Mottley Law Firm to settle a case for a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a head-on collision. The case was especially challenging due to the woman’s complicated psychiatric medical history. (more…)

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