What to Expect Immediately Following a Traumatic Brain Injury

After the TBI InjuryA year after traumatic brain injuries, most patients are well enough to care for themselves. Unfortunately, some never fully recover from the symptoms that plague them immediately after the accident. Most patients develop complications that cause cognitive problems and behavioral inconsistencies, and these symptoms do not always go away. Every person and injury will have a different outcome, but there are some common signs to watch for immediately following the injury.

After the Injury

Immediately following a traumatic brain injury, the injured might experience varying degrees of confusion. He or she might feel dizzy, experience memory loss or lose consciousness altogether. Such symptoms are usually signs of severe injury.

In minor injuries, the injured commonly report dizziness, headaches, drowsiness or nausea.  However, in some cases, these symptoms might not appear right away, beginning days after the injury took place. The symptoms of a severe brain injury can look the same as a minor one at the start, so it is imperative that anyone with any type of head injury see a doctor. Do not wait for symptoms to subside. You might be causing further injury by delaying treatment.

Surgery to Relieve Swelling

Many patients with severe injuries will require surgery or medical. A patient might remain unconscious for an extended period or fall into a coma. Doctors sometimes remove a portion of the skull to give the brain room to swell immediately after the injury. Once the swelling subsides, another surgery can replace the removed skull bone.

Cognitive Problems

After brain injury, some patients may not recognize their surroundings or loved ones. They may not have control of their motor skills. Reasoning and understanding emotions can become difficult. A patient might have trouble speaking or lose the ability to control his or her behaviors. It is common for brain-injured patients to appear restless and become agitated easily. Some brain-injured patients appear to take on completely different personalities from their pre-injury selves.


The lasting effects of brain injury only become apparent after the patient becomes stable. This can be a few days or a few weeks after the injury. The damage depends on how severe the injury is and what part of the brain is affected.

Doctors perform tests to measure the level of impairment. This helps to prepare a rehabilitation plan to help the patient recover to full potential.  Many patients need physical therapy, mental health counseling and speech therapy. Patients may continue to improve over a matter of years, or they may remain permanently disabled. The important thing is to support your loved one as he or she works to recover from such a devastating injury.

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