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“Injuries to the brain do not only occur through head trauma, but should still be protected by the same legal rights.” – Stephen M. Smith

The risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals and chemical pollutants is everywhere in modern society. Chemical exposure risks are ubiquitous, and can be found in the food we eat, the water and beverages we drink and the air we breathe. In a court of law, chemical exposure often falls under the area of products liability. Household cleaners, paints, adhesives, laundry detergent, plastics, pesticides and other everyday products carry chemical compounds that can cause a wide range of illnesses and chronic health problems. The Brain Injury Law Center specializes in the area of personal injury law that addresses brain damage and injury caused by chemical exposure.

The dangerous substances in chemicals are many: asbestos, mercury, fertilizer, pesticides and other materials are a few well known ones. Typical legal cases can involve both personal injury and property damage and arise from complaints ranging from emotional distress, fear of cancer, multiple chemical sensitivity and increased risk of sickness to occupational asthma and the ongoing requirement of medical monitoring.

Outside of the home, there are many risks that the public faces in terms of chemical exposure. The Environmental Protection Agency tracks and enforces the use and emission of dangerous chemicals in the industrial sector, providing the public with information about toxic chemical releases in their communities and monitoring chemical manufacturing plants and factories’ compliance with federal statutes. The EPA also continually runs environmental tests to record the impact of chemical changes in the environment.

But despite the best efforts of the federal government to limit the public’s exposure to chemical pollutants, there are risks to chemicals which are beyond even the EPA’s power to monitor and control. This is particularly true in heavily populated and industrial communities, where factory and traffic pollution contaminates the air so completely that it can even have an effect on weather conditions, such as through smog, increased humidity and acid rain. While everyone is at risk to some degree to chemical exposure, those who work in factories and chemical plants or work near such locations face an increased risk.

If you’ve been exposed to hazardous chemicals, or believe that exposure to toxic chemicals might have harmed you or your family, you need a team of attorneys who know how to get to the bottom of the chemical exposure puzzle. The Brain Injury Law Center has a thorough knowledge of what types of companies and factories are producing the hazardous chemicals that can cause serious health problems for the public. We also keep abreast of new chemical compounds released by industry, where they are used, and how they could be a risk to innocent people.

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