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Traumatic brain injury cases contain unique aspects and require an attorney with prior experience and knowledge in handling TBI cases.  The Brain Injury Law Center has represented thousands of individuals who have sustained traumatic brain injuries, and their families.

Attorneys from across the nation and the world have referred clients with traumatic brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries to The Brain Injury Law Center for over thirty years.  Our concentration in the area of traumatic brain injuries, and our knowledge of the unique medical issues associated with these specialized medical experts in this very complex area of brain injury medicine, has made us a pioneer in the field of traumatic brain injury litigation.

Our firm accepts referrals when appropriate.  As permitted under the Rules of Professional Conduct, our firm may agree to enter into a Referral Agreement with outside attorneys.  Throughout the litigation, a referring attorney’s active involvement is always welcomed.  As standard practice, clients are fully informed regarding all aspects of the referral arrangement.

If interested in creating a referral agreement with Mr. Smith, use our contact form to reach him directly, or call 757-650-9818.  Thank you for your consideration.

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