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Tractor-trailer and other truck accidents are a significant source of brain injury and spinal cord injuries, since these very large vehicles (up to 80,000 lbs) nearly always overpower the smaller cars, SUVs, and motorcycles on the road in any collision.

Drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicles are vulnerable to severe injury or death from trailer-truck mishaps based on scenarios such as:

Common Truck Accidents

  • Truck maintenance failures (e.g., poor or no upkeep of tires, lights and brakes; missing safety equipment)
  • A truck driver’s failure to see a vehicle in the “blind spot”
  • Jackknifing (when the truck’s trailer moves toward the truck’s cab) or fishtailing (the trailer sways back and forth)
  • Speeding, dangerous lane changes and other forms of aggressive truck driving
  • A truck driver’s failure to adjust to weather conditions (e.g., rain, fog, snow)
  • A tractor-trailer’s improperly balanced load or excessive load
  • A truck driver’s fatigue (causing errors in judgment and loss of control) or drug and/or alcohol use

A Fair Outcome for the Injured

At the Brain Injury Law Center, the individuals who have been impacted by a tractor-trailer or other truck accident (that is, the injured persons and their families) receive the very knowledgeable, experienced legal representation that is necessary to obtain a fair outcome after such a serious incident. Truck accidents often cause devastating injuries, including:

The complexity and severity of such injuries merits the attention of very skilled attorneys with a high degree of knowledge regarding medicine, truck and highway safety regulations, insurance issues, and the physics of road collisions. The Brain Injury Center is one of the most respected law firms in the nation when it comes to brain and spinal cord injuries resulting from trailer-truck accidents.

Truck Accidents Are Different

The nature of accidents involving semi-trucks and other large trucks differs in a number of ways from those involving smaller non-commercial vehicles. For example, semis are often carrying extremely heavy or dangerous cargo such as logs, machinery, construction materials, or even cargos that are flammable/explosive, poisonous or radioactive. In a high-impact collision, such cargo can cause an incredible amount of damage. Even an empty semi-truck trailer is dangerous; it’s easily sent swaying by a gust of wind, and it can be quite difficult to control.

In addition, there are usually multiple defendants, insurance companies, and highway safety agencies to deal with after a tractor-trailer or other truck accident. The investigations of truck accidents are often much more involved than those involving only non-commercial vehicles. Here, too, the Brain Injury Center has the experience and familiarity with truck accidents that will fully and effectively represent the rights of the injured.

Contact the Brain Injury Center about Truck Accidents

Virginia is the site of many busy trucking arteries such as Route 460 and the 81 and 95 Interstate highways. Accidents involving tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks are quite frequent here. However, their frequency does not lessen their terrible impact. The individuals who have suffered brain, spinal cord or other injuries in a truck accident are welcome to contact the Brain Injury Center for a no-cost discussion of their concerns — as are their family members or others who are seeking justice after such a devastating event.

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