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David Holt’s primary focus as a plaintiff’s attorney is Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Car and Motorcycle Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Medical Malpractice and White Collar Criminal Defense and Traffic cases. He also practices in the areas of Social Media/Business Law, Contract Disputes, Business Litigation, Products Liability, Defamation/Libel, Workers Compensation and more.

David was born and raised in Newport News and has extensive family ties to the Tidewater area.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington and a Juris Doctorate from Regent University School of Law, where he was a member of the Moot Court Board as a Public Relations Liaison. He was admitted to the Virginia Bar in October 2003, where he went on to work for then Senator Ken Stolle of the 8th District in Virginia Beach. David was Senator Stolle’s aide for the portions of the 2004 General Assembly Session. Senator Stolle was chairman of the Courts of Justice Committee, and David gained valuable civil and criminal law experience from his work with that panel.

David was a Hampton Police Officer prior to attending law school and returned to Hampton as a prosecutor in 2004. He became an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in the City of Hampton. David has over a decade of trial and litigation experience. As a prosecutor, he has litigated hundreds of jury/bench trials over his extensive prosecutorial career and was involved in multiple convictions of highly complex gang and murder cases. Serving on the forefront of gang prosecutions and investigations, he concentrated on intricate narcotics and illegal gun investigations, along with a multitude of violent crimes associated with them. Over the course of his career, Mr. Holt:

  • Became the first prosecutor in the state of Virginia to earn a jury conviction for a violation of Virginia’s Racketeering statute in February 2012.
  • Successfully investigated and prosecuted some of the most notorious gangs in Hampton Roads, some of which resulted in the first convictions under Virginia’s gang statutes on the peninsula.
  • Worked in close conjunction with the Virginia Attorney General’s Office and was instrumental in bringing a state multi-jurisdictional grand jury to Hampton Roads.
  • Conducted lengthy homicide, narcotics and weapons investigations through the use of the state grand jury process.
  • Was instrumental in revising Virginia’s Gambling Statutes, as he was one of the first prosecutors to use the state’s gambling laws as a prosecuting tool to reduce crime in crime-ridden areas.
  • Directed multiple federal agencies, including the DEA, FBI, and ICE, in the investigation and prosecution of several high-profile drug rings and murders.

David is a graduate of the esteemed Career Prosecutor School in Charleston, S.C., where he spent time collaborating, teaching, learning, and practicing all aspects of trial and courtroom practice.

He was also instrumental in continuing a legal education program for the Hampton Police Division, along with many other area law enforcement jurisdictions. He worked closely with the Hampton Police’s Training Division in developing protocols and training materials for new recruits, along with in-service training for sworn officers. He concentrated and was an expert in Fourth, Fifth and Six Amendment areas of the law, where he spent many hours teaching and lecturing on those subjects to other prosecutors and law enforcement agencies around the state.

In addition, David taught trial practice skills to attorneys from around the country at the National Advocacy Center in Columbia, S.C. There, he was on the teaching/lecture staff of the National District Attorneys Association where he focused on trial advocacy skills and constitutional legal concepts.

Mr. Holt now focuses on civil and criminal litigation. He is admitted to the Virginia State Bar, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, U.S. District Court, Western District of Virginia, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. He is a member of the Hampton Bar Association, Virginia Bar Association, American Association for Justice, Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, National Brian Injury Trial Lawyers Association and the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers.

David has extensive ties to his community. He was recently appointed to the Board of the Virginia Air and Space Center in Hampton, which is a NASA/Langley visitor’s center in downtown Hampton. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Over Thirty Soccer League for over 15 years. He further serves on the Hampton Roads Academy Alumni Council and is a managing partner for Shooting Space Lacrosse. His wife, Heather, is the Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Old Dominion University. They live in Norfolk with their three boys.

If you would like to receive a consultation or set an appointment to discuss the merits of your case, or to discuss having David speak or lecture at your training or event, please contact his office in Hampton at 757-244-7000.

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