Our Business Continuity Plan & COVID-19 Update

UPDATE March 20, 2020

In an effort to meet the challenges presented by the global pandemic (Coronavirus or COVID-19), we are updating our firm’s contingency plans so we can continue to provide all current and future clients with the highest quality legal services they have come to expect from the Brain Injury Law Center.

To meet our responsibilities to our employees, clients, and the community, we are in the process of developing a plan for the potential for all attorneys and staff to work remotely. Although we do not know how long this may last, we remain committed to maintaining regular contact with all our current clients and establishing relationships with new clients that need our services.

For any new or prospective clients that are facing physical/emotional/financial pain and suffering because of a recent accident due to the negligence of another – we are available to meet with you so we can start working diligently on your case. Be assured we have the sophistication and technology to handle your case even in these uncertain times. In keeping with our social distancing responsibilities, we may schedule initial consultations via videoconference or telephonically. In special circumstances, we may also schedule face-to-face meetings in our office so long as this can be performed safely with minimal risk to you, your family, us and our employees. Regardless, our goal remains the same: to use all of our resources and expertise to seek justice for you or your family members who have been injured due to another’s carelessness.

For our current clients, please know that we are still fighting to protect your rights. We will use our technological resources to keep in regular contact with you so we can stay updated with your needs or treatment and to give you updates about ongoing developments in your case. However, in keeping with our legal and social responsibilities, we will rely on electronic communication as a primary means of keeping in contact with you. This may include emails, text messaging, telephone, videoconferencing, or all of the above. Again, if there are special circumstances and we need to meet you face-to-face, we will make every effort to do that, provided we are not putting you or our employees at risk.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions – contact form here or call (877) 537-4340.

We appreciate your patience as we seek to address the constantly evolving nature of this crisis. By working together, we are confident we can continue to meet your expectations. For over 70 years, the attorneys and staff at the Smith Law Center have provided outstanding legal services to our clients in the Hampton Roads community and across the country. We look forward to providing that same level of service for all current and future clients.

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