Cerebral Palsy Victims Forced into Poverty

Most people work hard to save up for retirement. Retirees dream of owning a home, perhaps on a beach or farm, where they can live a peaceful existing on the money they earned during their working years. Some retirees are being denied that dream, despite hard work and honest dedication. Through no fault of their own, after struggling with hardships that most workers never experience, retirees with cerebral palsy (CP) are finding their hard work thrown away, just shy of realizing their dreams.

CP Hardships

According to CBS Minnesota, Charles Van Heuveln, a recipient of benefits through Minnesota’s incentive program, will soon be forced into retirement so that he can continue to receive the care he needs

Cerebral Palsy Victims Hardships

. Once he turns 65, he will no longer be eligible for benefits unless his income falls below the poverty threshold. If he wants help paying for his medical expenses, he will have to quit his job. Otherwise, he will be forced to spend his life savings on medical care and spend his retirement in poverty.

People with CP face a life of hardship, and Mr. Van Heaven’s situation is not unique. Such situations illustrate the need for those who suffer CP due to the fault of another to seek compensation for their injuries. Doing so protects them from the poverty that accompanies this costly disorder.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy, as defined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is the loss or impairment of motor function. It is one of many brain disorders that appear during infancy or childhood. This disease can be genetic, or it can result from brain damage caused by a birth injury or accident.

CP causes a lack of muscle coordination, an impaired sense of balance and problems with depth perception. Early treatment increases the chance of overcoming developmental disabilities that accompany the disease. It also presents the possibility of learning new ways to accomplish challenging tasks.

Treating CP

Several treatments can improve the lives of people with cerebral palsy. Medicine, braces, physical, occupational and speech therapy are some of the ways to properly manage the disability. All of these aids come with a cost, however.

While programs are available to financially assist those with CP, they often come with very low income requirements. Only the poorest suffers qualify, leaving a strong incentive for CP sufferers to forego gainful employment so they can qualify for the benefits needed to pay for expensive treatments and therapy. To combat this, some states, such as Minnesota, instituted programs that allow the disabled to work and still receive the costly medical aid they need.

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