Smith Resolves Civil Case Against Former NFL Player Convicted of Beating Girlfriend

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After years of delay due to the criminal case being pushed back several times, attorney Stephen Smith obtained a settlement for the victim of a brutal domestic violence case that put a local doctor out of her career.

Violent Attack Compounds Victim’s TBI

It started when our client, retired orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jaime Dale, had an argument in the early morning hours of New Year’s day, 2015Dale’s boyfriend, former NFL safety Curtis Jordan, accused her of flirting with another man earlier that evening and proceeded to berate her. Dale reacted in fear, slapping Mr. Jordan in the face.

The next few moments involved a “horrific” beating suffered by the local surgeon. The 6’2”, nearly 200-pound Jordan tackled Dale, slamming her head to the ground and beating her skull into the floor. When she attempted to flee, he tripped her and she fell to the ground, again hitting her head. 

Dale ran to the bedroom to retrieve a firearm to protect herself, but the gun was unloaded. Catching up with her, Jordan threw her to the ground again and proceeded to strangle Dr. Dale until she became completely unconscious. 

Jordan fled, leaving Dale bleeding profusely in her home, returning later to gather his belongings and clean up the blood. The place of the attack could easily be mistaken for a murder scene. Dale begged him for help, which he refused.

He was later arrested and in possession of Dale’s firearm. 

Dale was already a brain injury survivor before the incident. Jordan’s malicious attack and repeated beatings exacerbated her symptoms, giving her additional head and face trauma. 

Curtis Jordan Escapes Jail Time, Criminal Courts Fail Victim

Unfortunately, our client’s injuries resulted in a formal end to Dr. Dale’s orthopedic surgical career. Lead trial attorney and brain injury lawyer Stephen Smith commented: 

“It’s really tragic…she’s a brilliant woman who loved being a surgeon. She was just starting to improve and was on the road back to doing surgery again when this happened.”

The Brain Injury Law Center contributed by securing evidence and proving Dale’s injuries had effectively ended her career.


“The justice system failed our client, however with her tenacious spirit, she intends to seek the best quality of life possible, and we are encouraging her every step of the way,” Mr. Smith stated.

While the criminal justice system did not deliver a favorable outcome, Smith was able to settle on behalf of Dr. Dale. Our firm filed a civil lawsuit, and due to the criminal case’s repeated extensions, it was settled on behalf of Dr. Dale for $2.5 million.

The star football player – who played for Texas Tech, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won a Redskin Super Bowl – was found guilty on criminal charges for unlawful wounding in May of 2019.
Curtis Jordan sits in court with his back to the camera.

Curtis Jordan’s sentencing was originally set as up to five years in prison but later reduced to only one year. The judge then threw out this sentence altogether. 

In response to this, Dale’s attorney, Stephen Smith stated, “I was disappointed that he is not going to actively serve jail time because he really needs to. He has been traveling enjoying his life while she has been here suffering.”

She faces a long road to recovery, which involves continually treatment for PTSD, acquiring security and using therapy animals to help cope with the traumatic event.

“The justice system failed our client, however with her tenacious spirit, she intends to seek the best quality of life possible, and we are encouraging her every step of the way,” Mr. Smith stated.

Brain Injury Assault Lawyers

Civil lawsuits after an assault are common. However, most survivors of an assault do not realize they have the rights to seek compensation after an attack – whether it be physical, emotional, or sexual. When a favorable outcome is achieved, the monetary award helps pay for necessary life adjustments, gaining closure from the event, and top medical treatment. 

If you or someone you love has been victimized by assault, the Brain Injury Law Center is ready to explain your rights. Private consultations are easy and free of charge. 

Please contact us at (757) 244-7000. Holding assailants accountable could prevent such tragedy from occurring again in the future, or even save a life.

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