How to Avoid a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Nightmare

One of the nation’s largest brain-injury rehabilitation centers has been charging patients a whopping $1,000 per day to endure outdated treatment and abuse.

Rehabilitation for Brain Injuries

Bloomberg reports that the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation (FINR) is under fire from several directions. The State claims that over half of the patients in the facility do not actually meet the criteria for treatment at the institute. The Florida Agency for Health Care Administrations found that the center was keeping patients for too long, a conclusion backed up by patient stories of coercion and threats aimed toward prolonging their stay. Allstate Insurance is suing FINR for damages, claiming that they promised treatment to patients that they never provided.

Tales of Abuse

Since 2005, Florida’s Department of Children and Families has received 514 allegations of abuse or neglect at FINR. Previous residents tell of being held down and beaten, dragged across the floor, pushed down and threatened.

FINR’s rehabilitative program is also under scrutiny with tales such as patients washing employee’s cars as part of “vocational training.” An ex-patient referred to FINR as a prison, except that you knew when you were going to get out of jail.

Rehabilitation for Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury victims often face long road to recovery, and many patients need the round-the-clock care of a rehabilitation center. Looking for the following four qualities will help you avoid a nightmare like that experienced by FINR patients.

Look for…
  • A center that specializes in your needs. Brain injuries are diverse and can result in a range of cognitive and physical disabilities. Search out a facility that is experienced in your type of injury.
  • Updated equipment. New equipment does not necessarily mean better treatment, but it can indicate investment in current techniques and treatment. Brain injury rehabilitation is a constantly evolving field, so find a center that stays up to date on the latest treatments.
  • Real world training. Rehabilitation centers are meant to prepare you for life in the real world. Check to see how a facility will help you re-learn important life skills such as the daily tasks of dressing, cooking and organizing your day.
  • Respectful treatment. You may have a brain injury, but that does not mean you sacrifice your dignity or autonomy. Talk to other patients and make sure you get a good feel for the type of treatment you can expect at the facility. You deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

The Costs of Quality Care

The truth is that your insurance often dictates your options. Quality care is expensive, and insurance companies will try to limit the amount they have to pay.

When your bran injury is due to the negligence of another party, you can help to alleviate the cost of treatment and increase your options through legal action with the help of an experienced attorney.

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