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Brain trauma is one of the most unpredictable forms of injury. With more specialized neural pathways than there are atoms in the universe, it’s amazing that the brain is able to recover at any level after suffering damage, whether it’s reclaiming the ability to walk, relearning social skills or unlocking unprecedented artistic and intuitive abilities. And there again, the body’s very ability to heal itself is directed by — what else? — the brain.

Of course, just as every individual brain patient and doctorsresults in a different individual set of abilities and personalities, every brain injury follows a different path of healing. Even the best doctors cannot guarantee an outcome for any given patient, and there are very few commonalities between one patient’s situation and another.

But all brain patients do have one thing in common: their need for support. Skilled, knowledgeable physicians, along with patient, loving, loyal family and friends, are essential to a brain trauma victim’s recovery. In addition, victims of brain injury may require the help of specialized law firms who can help them obtain the compensation they deserve for their injury.

And Real People, Too

Here are just a few of the victories we have celebrated in recent years:

  1. A derailed train crossed a highway and collided with a pair of cars, sending them through the wall of a gas station and inflicting a head injury to an employee. As a result of our advocacy, a jury awarded the injured man $60.26 million.
  2. A jury reached a verdict of more than $10.22 million in a case brought against Werner Transportation on behalf of a Norfolk woman who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in a crash. This case is believed to be the state’s largest-ever personal injury verdict.
  3. A child undergoing surgery in a Louisiana hospital suffered a brain injury from the procedure. The hospital was held accountable, and it paid $2.2 million to the child’s family.
  4. A highway collision with a tractor-trailer resulted in a traumatic brain injury for a woman in Oklahoma, who was later paid $3.67 million in damages by the trucking company.
  5. A New York City stockbroker visiting a resort in South Carolina ended up with a mild traumatic brain injury when his rented bicycle collapsed while he was riding it. The settlement — $1.75 million — was the largest verdict in state history for a case of this kind.

You can find many, many more on our Case Results page.

Get Help

These cases and others like them are what we specialize in at the Brain Injury Law Center. Our mission is to provide compassionate, committed legal advocacy to victims of brain injury in hopes of helping them get the resources they need to recover.

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