Red Wine Compound Studied for TBI Treatment

Recent medical studies shed further light on the benefits of red wine and its effect on both body and mind. In the mid to late 1990s, the properties of red wine came into focus with rising interest in an anomaly called the “French Paradox.” Simply put, the French Paradox is the unexplained phenomenon of the French diet. People in the country enjoy a diet of rich and fatty foods without suffering a high rate of heart disease. Researchers think the answer may lie in the consumption of red wine and its health benefits. They are now investigating red wine to see if it can treat traumatic brain injury.Red Wine Compound Studied for TBI Treatment


Researchers are not looking at red wine in its drinkable form, but at the resveratrol found in the red wine. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound found in many plants. The compound is found in high concentrations in the skins of grapes. While the amount of resveratrol is minimal in red wine, chemists can extract the compound and form it into concentrated supplements.

Red wine has more of the compound because of the way the wine is processed. The grape skins for red wines are removed much later in the wine making process than for other types of wines such as white or blush. Resveratrol may prove to hold many health benefits.

Researchers believe resveratrol may have antioxidant properties and may help ward off certain types of cancers. It could possibly stave off heart disease. While clinical trials on humans are just now beginning, researchers believe the compound also holds certain properties that would benefit certain patient groups.

Potential Help for TBI Patients

Among those that may benefit are patients suffering from traumatic brain injury. TBI often occurs in athletes like football players and boxers. Many researchers hope that using resveratrol with these athletes can help reduce the harmful effects of TBI.

Potential Help for TBI PatientsTBI can come from a closed head injury or a penetrating injury. Bullets or other objects that enter violently into the skull can cause penetrating injuries. Closed head injury often results from a blow to the head like what occurs during a tackle or a powerful right hook. Traumatic brain injury can result in a multitude of harmful and even deadly results such as brain damage and swelling.

In laboratory rats, resveratrol reduced the chances of serious brain injury when administered directly after a blow to the head. If humans respond the same way, head injuries could become less dangerous and less likely to cause permanent disability. While more research is needed on resveratrol before doctors can prescribe it as a drug therapy, researchers hope the compound will effectively treat TBI in the near future.

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