What Are The Top Dangerous Trucking Corridors in Virginia?

Accidents involving tractor trailers have the potential to be especially catastrophic. How often do they occur on Virginia highways?


Trucking corridors are stretches of highway where tractor trailers share the road with other drivers, pedestrians, and travelers. Adverse conditions and inexperienced drivers can make them especially dangerous for Virginian motorists.

Additionally, there is no denying the size of tractor trailers when compared to commercial cars and vehicles. Semi-trucks are large, heavy, and made heavier by the cargo that they carry. This size and weight effects how fast a truck can accelerate, maneuver between lanes, and brake. When these trucks collide with commercial vehicles, they can cause devastating accidents, horrific injuries, and even loss of life.

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A blue and white 18-wheeler with headlights on drives down a wet road at night.

What Is the Most Dangerous Road in Virginia?

Unfortunately, the national trend indicates that fatal accidents with tractor trailers are on the rise. In particular, the State of Virginia is home to several of the country’s most dangerous roadways. Some of the most dangerous roads in Virginia are:

  • Interstate 66
  • Interstate 95
  • US 460

Interstate 81 is also one of the most notoriously dangerous trucking corridors located in Virginia. Deadly accidents, collisions, and minor crashes are a daily occurrence on Interstate 81. Accidents such as these often involve a tractor trailer. Common injuries from trucking accidents may include:

Injuries that you suffer as a result of a tractor trailer accident may be considered damages in a lawsuit. You may be compensated through a settlement or trial. If you have been injured in an accident, it is important to seek comprehensive medical treatment. Then, you should contact a lawyer who can help you pursue justice.

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What Makes Virginia Highways So Dangerous?

Driving on certain interstates in Virginia comes with a unique set of dangerous challenges:

  • Changing seasons: Drivers in Virginia must be aware of the changing seasons and the dangers that come with them. For fall, these dangers include creeping fog, sun-glares, wet asphalt, and collisions with deer. For winter, black ice, high winds, and diminished daylight create dangerous conditions for commercial drivers, commuters, and pedestrians alike.
  • Commerce hubs: Several Virginia trucking corridors and interstates intersect with major commercial warehouse sites including Target, Amazon, and Walmart. This causes an increase in the presence of tractor trailers, causes long traffic delays, and increases the risk of accidents.
  • Out-of-state traffic: Virginia offers a unique location on the east coast. This means that travelers must often drive through the state to reach their vacation destinations. Drivers may be distracted by their GPS devices or cell phones. More distracted travelers on the road mean that the risk of accidents rises drastically.

Driving is an inherently hazardous activity and the risk of accidents is ever present.

Is Interstate 81 Dangerous?

Although it only runs about 12 miles through three different states including Virginia, Interstate 81 is an incredibly dangerous highway. About 2,000 accidents occur on Virginia’s section of Interstate 81 every year. This roadway is only four lanes (two lanes running each way) and is often overwhelmed with commuters, transportation, and tractor trailers.

Some of the reasons Interstate 81 is so dangerous are:

  • Disparity in speed limits between states
  • Increased trucking in this area
  • General distractions such as texting and driving

The Virginia Commonwealth Improvement Plan, approved by the Virginia Commonwealth Board of Transportation in 2018, will add lanes to Interstate 81 which will hopefully lead to safer road conditions. However, construction for this project has only just begun meaning that drivers must still contend with dangerous road conditions, tractor trailers, and new construction.

Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Working with an experienced truck accident lawyer is essential if you are trying to receive full financial compensation after an accident.

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