Traumatic Brain Injury Patient Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for TBI Patients

Patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) need help to recover. Many patients will reach maximum improvement but never regain their full potential. Rehabilitation is an integral part of recovery, which helps TBI patients find the extent of their limitations and the limits to their improvement. In the process, patients also learn to redefine their new lives in a positive and productive way.TBI Patient Rehabilitation

Immediately after Injury

The emotional journey from the time of injury to discharge from care is a difficult one. Immediately after the brain injury, moderately and severely injured patients may need intensive hospital care. After stabilizing, patients can move to subacute care units or to independent rehabilitation hospitals. From there, treatment can take many directions, depending on the patient, the injury and the extent of brain damage. Many options exist because there are so many types of brain injuries.

Choosing a Setting for Therapy

Choosing the right setting for rehabilitation can make a great difference in outcome for a patient. Some will need more care than others. In addition, psychiatric and physical problems resulting from the TBI sometimes require medication. TBI patients are more likely to suffer medication side effects or adverse reactions and require special monitoring by doctors. In such cases, in-patient care may be warranted until patients become accustomed to the medication.

Home-based rehabilitation may help the patient feel more comfortable. Hospital outpatient rehabilitation is an option for patients who do not need constant supervision, but require specialized equipment for their physical therapy treatments. Day programs are a good balance for those who need close attention but can safely to live at home.

Assessing Needs

A trained neuropsychologist will test the patient’s skills and abilities in cognition, language, behavior, movements and executive functions. This expert can then create a plan for rehabilitation that will outline the different areas that need improvement. This plan will typically draw on the expertise of several specialists.

The injured may meet with a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, physiatrist, psychiatrist, social worker or any combination of these. Each specialist will help the patient reach maximum improvement in a certain functional area. A team coordinator or administrator will work to keep all of these individuals up to date on the patient’s improvement.

Goals of Rehabilitation

Brain injuries often cause problems in every aspect of living. The goal of the therapist is to bring the patient to the best possible functional ability at home and in society as a whole. Therapists teach patients to adapt to the disabilities or to alter the environment to meet their new needs.  As much as possible, a patient’s family must be involved in care and treatment to help everyone adjust to the new way of living brought on by TBI.

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One thought on “Traumatic Brain Injury Patient Rehabilitation

  1. Theresa Hall

    I do not know if you are who I need to start with but my 31 year old son has a TBI as a result of hitting his head on the concrete when he fell 3 years ago. He has TRAUMATIC headaches and has gone from doctor to doctor who keep prescribing him oxycodone, xanax plus the anti-anxiety medication PLUS a massive dose twice a day of anit-seizure medication.

    He is depressed, addicted, throws up all the time, will not eat, constipated, nervous, partial suicidal and I am so afraid if we do not get him into a place where a LEGAL physician and counselor can help him manage his medications and then counsel him on all his personal issues he will die. He is SCREAMING for help and we do not have the financial means to admit him locally. We have been supporting him financially over 3 years now and we are going broke and cannot even afford to send him food money anymore. There is more to this story so if you can help us in any way to help HIM not die, I would so appreciate it. Or lead us somewhere for the right help. Thank you and May God Bless you – Theresa – Ben’s mother.

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