Dan Rice and the Road to Tramatic Brain Injury Recovery

brain scansIn 2002, Dan Rice was a vibrant young man, with an emerging Hollywood career and soon to be earned PhD in Psychology. A serious car crash that resulted in an undiagnosed traumatic brain injury (TBI) sent Dan’s life into a downward spiral that took years to mend.

End of the Trail

In a new autobiography, “End of the Trail,” Dan tells of his journey to recovery. He reveals his injury, the discoveries he made and his journey to recovery. He uncovers a struggle with deteriorating mental faculties, emotional anguish, depression, anger, suicidal thoughts, and his increasing difficulty in understanding the world around, all brought on by something he could not identify at the time.

Undiagnosed TBI

Dan’s story resonates with many TBI victims. The injury is notoriously underdiagnosed. In some cases, doctors underestimate the extent of injury. In other cases, the diagnostic technologies available are simply inadequate to visualize the injury.

Hospitals miss approximately 80 percent of brain injuries. Doctors believe this is because the brain protects itself after an injury, which masks symptoms. The brain takes up glucose for energy to make up for reduced functioning, so the slower brain functioning is not obvious during the standard gross neurological exam. As levels of glucose slowly go back to normal, signs of the injury become more apparent. Pain medications may also mask signs of injury such as twitches and tremors.

Consequences of Undiagnosed Brain Injuries

Undiagnosed TBI causes many problems for the injured. They may be misdiagnosed with emotional problems, even schizophrenia. The injury may cause problems with depression, anxiety, mood swings and irritability. Individuals with undiagnosed TBI begin to feel they don’t know themselves anymore. Loved ones become alienated and emotional connections become strained. Without a diagnosis, individuals may believe the symptoms are a permanent change. Relationships are ended and families separated.

The injured victim can lose gainful employment, even the ability to live independently. Until a diagnosis is made, the victim lives in a cloud of confusion over emotional tumult, difficulty concentrating and other neurological difficulties. Only through a diagnosis can victims begin therapies that help the brain learn to use its damaged parts again or to use other parts of the brain to perform the damaged functions.

It took Dan Rice eight-years to recovery from TBI. Today, he stands literally at the end of the road, running a small souvenir business in Santa Monica at the end of Route 66. His business has even won the Will Rogers 2010 New Business of the Year Award. Dan’s story is inspiring and gives hope to victims of TBI who also seek to take their lives back.

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