Doctor Retains Our Firm in $30 million Civil Lawsuit

A prominent orthopedic surgeon from Virginia Beach, Virginia was attacked in her home on the morning of January 2, 2015. The surgeon’s name, Jamie Alexandra Dale.

head_injury_jordanHer attacker: Former Washington Redskin’s safety, Curtis Jordan (pictured).

Ms. Dale’s injuries were caused by repeated slams of her head into the floor, an addition to physical injuries to her back, legs, and other areas of her body. Dale was able to get herself to her bedroom and away from Jordan, where she went in and out of consciousness. While this happening, Jordan made an effort to clean the area where the assault happened, and grabbed his belongings then left the scene.

Ms. Dale’s neighbors became suspicious and came into her home, finding her in a bedroom and called 911 resulting in immediate hospitalization. Within the lawsuit filed by our firm on Ms. Dale’s behalf, both EMS and police noted blood on the carpet in the bedroom and hallway, as well as the door frame, stairs, and our client’s bedding.

Lead trial lawyer of the Brain Injury Law Center, Stephen Smith stated: “Dr. Jamie Dale needs closure to know that Curtis Jordan is off the streets and in prison for what he did. He is a man I believe of significant assets, and is very well known in Lubbock, Texas, and his actions have altered the life of our client, for which I intend to use all of the available laws in our proceedings to ensure our client receives the best medical care, and so that she may move on with her life.”

Often referred to as the “silent injury”, brain injuries can be devastating to a victim due to the brain’s fragile nature. Even what may seem as a slight injury because there little or no sign physical trauma, such as a compression in the head, lacerations, bruising or bleeding, significant damage may have ben done.

“The brain is the most complex organ in the body, and while doctors and medicine have made incredible advancements in myriad areas, humanity still has much to learn about the brain.” – Stephen M. Smith, Esq.

vertical_awardsIf you or someone you know has suffered an injury, and are looking for answers to complex questions which often intertwine medical and legal knowledge, we can help. For nearly four decades our firm has represented individuals and families throughout the country, finding answers and justice on their behalf. Please do not hesitate to call as all consultations are free and there is no obligation to pursue filing a lawyer. Take the first step and get answers to your questions by calling by calling (757) 244-7000. The call and consultation are free and confidential.

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