NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw Speaks Publicly About Brain Injuries

When Terry Bradshaw was an NFL quarterback, he never let a head injury slow him down. He would take hard hits and find a way to stay on the field. Now retired, he is speaking out about how those brain injuries affect his life today. Bradshaw says he suffered at least six concussions during his career.[1] Each time he stayed in the game despite a head injury, his symptoms worsened. Today, Bradshaw copes with frustrating memory problems and emotional struggles because of those head injuries.

Players Need to Make Better Choices

Terry Bradshaw Speaks Publicly About Brain Injuries

Bradshaw hopes that talking about his brain injury problems will encourage today’s NFL players to take better care of their brain health. He believes players need to understand that repeated brain injuries can cause later suffering in the form of memory loss, emotional problems and other disabilities. He wants the players to feel comfortable choosing to sit out a few plays, or even a whole game, so their injuries can heal. He also hopes that the NFL will continue working toward providing better protection against brain injuries for players.

Problems with Short Term Memory Loss

The most frustrating symptom for Bradshaw is short-term memory loss. He describes times when he cannot remember even the simplest item, perhaps a piece of information he knew just a few minutes before. Multiple untreated concussions can cause this type of permanent damage.

Anxiety and Depression

The short-term memory loss has caused Bradshaw to develop symptoms of anxiety and depression. He describes feelings of frustration because of his memory problems, which leads to anxiety and mistrusting his own mind. Another problem is the feeling of helplessness, since there is nothing he can do to correct the memory problems. The inability to perform tasks he once did with ease often leads to depressed feelings.

According to Bradshaw, many retired players are suffering similar memory loss problems and emotional difficulties. Some retired players even complain of trouble with balance because of brain injuries. He hopes that more of those players will join him in speaking out about the permanent brain damage they suffered playing football.

Hoping for Stricter Rules for Concussions

The NFL has been considering new rules that would help players avoid repeated concussions. If retired NFL stars like Terry Bradshaw continue to tell their stories, they could help prevent younger players from sustaining similar head injuries and disabilities. Bradshaw believes that NFL players and coaches need to understand the long-term danger posed by head injuries. According to Bradshaw, “[Speaking out] is going to help someone else. I really believe that.”

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