Personality Changes Brought on by Traumatic Brain Injury

doctor analyzing brain injuryTraumatic brain injuries (TBI) can have devastating and long lasting consequences for both the victims of the injuries and their families. An injury to any area of the brain can cause a host of neurological and psychological problems to develop such as trouble with memory, personality changes, impulsiveness, lack of concentration and more.

Personality Changes

One of the most startling things you may notice about your loved one who has sustained a traumatic brain injury is that his personality may have changed as the result of the accident. The brain is made up a delicate network of neurons and cells, which are responsible for shaping a person’s personality. If any area of the brain that deals with personality gets damaged, changes in the victim’s personality can develop. Often, these changes manifest themselves as an intensification of a person’s previous personality.

How to Handle the Changes

Many times, new personality changes will leave patients with flat emotions, unpredictable mood changes, and/or a selfish attitude. It’s important to be patient with the victim and to understand that they may not be aware that their actions are hurtful. Help them by reminding them to pause and ask themselves if their actions are appropriate before acting on impulse.

A person suffering from an injury may also display more troubling personality issues like aggressiveness and inappropriate sexual behavior. In dealing with both, try to diffuse the situation by remaining calm and offering support. Avoid confrontations at all cost and remind the person that their behavior is inappropriate. Listen to their frustrations and try to be sympathetic to their position.

Memory Loss

One of the most common problems that your loved one may experience is a problem with memory. Many times, victims suffer long or short-term amnesia, which causes them to forget the events that have transpired during certain periods.

Survivors also have problems learning and storing new information. If your loved one is experiencing problems with memory, there are a few things that you can do to help.

First, try to keep the survivor’s focus on an activity by limiting distractions. It is also helpful to verbalize what is being done and to write down the process or key bits of information. Finally, try to establish organized routines for the person to follow.

Getting Help

Dealing with problems that develop after a serious brain injury often requires the help of a professional. While some changes may be permanent, others can be corrected with rehabilitation and therapy. Rehabilitation, whether in-patient or out patient can be expensive, so it’s important for victims of traumatic brain injuries to contact a personal injury attorney to handle their case.

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