Miracle Alternative Treatment for Brain Injuries?

Miracle Alternative Treatment for Brain Injuries

A new treatment called Brainwave Optimization claims to help those struggling with anxiety, stress, insomnia and mental fog. Individuals who suffer from seizures, attention deficit disorder (ADD), brain injuries and drug or alcohol addiction have undergone treatments and reported improvement in their mental and overall health since participating in Brainwave Optimization. While many have reported benefits, the validity of the treatment remains in question.

Roughly 30,000 people in 16 countries across the globe receive Brainwave Optimization treatments. Celebrities such as Wynonna Judd, athletes including Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Kurt Sauer and others attest to the benefits of the treatment. In fact, Kurt Sauer suffered from a spinal neck injury two years ago and has not played hockey since. Today, he believes he might be able to play again and attributes his recovery to the Brainwave Optimization therapy. After 40 sessions, he estimates his brain has regained 80 percent of its pre-injury functioning.

How does Brainwave Optimization Work?

After a traumatic brain injury has occurred, some patients lose some of their memory and have difficulty thinking clearly. Those who attest to the validity of the treatment note claim their ability to organize thoughts increases from treatment. They claim to view the world in a much more positive light than before the therapy.

The therapy is non-invasive. A practitioner places sensors to record the brain’s activity from different lobes around the head. This information is then sent to a computer that converts it into musical tones. The music is played back to the patient through earphones. In other words, the patient is listening to his own thoughts in music form. Practitioners believe that the brain can identify its own imbalances through the tones, allowing the body to recognize and repair damaged areas. Even they must admit, however, that Brainwave Optimization is an alternative therapy. It cannot claim to diagnose, treat, heal or cure any health condition.

Validity of Brainwave Treatment

Dr. Chaim B. Colen, director of Neurosurgical Oncology and Epilepsy Surgery at Beaumont Hospital in Detroit spoke with Alicia Smith at the area’s Action News. “Brainwave Optimization is essentially a type of biofeedback therapy that has been used for decades.  It is similar to the ‘power of prayer’ or yoga, which are also relaxation techniques that can improve mental function and reduce stress.” Without scientific evidence, Colen is skeptical of the treatment.

At a cost of $1,500 to $2,000 for an evaluation and ten sessions, meditation at home makes more sense and may be just as beneficial. Time will tell if Brainwave Optimization therapy advocates are taking advantage those desperate for a cure or are offering TBI victims a second chance at life.

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